November 2017


LATEST ON THE TIMELINE : From Bridge Farm to Westham, the untold story of Pevensey School

Project Facts and Figures

14 December 2014

203 ENTRIES : We now have a total of 203 stories and entries on the timeline, comprised of an average of 2.6 entries to each of the text panels. In addition we have 48 images, one sound and one video entry. Our total complement of entries is aiming at a target of 2,000 entries by May 2015.

FINAL ENTRY : The final entry on the timeline, the arrival of the Olympic torch in the village in July 2012, is to be edited and uploaded live by a primary school pupil at Westham and Pevensey C.E School.

VIDEO ELEMENTS : More video elements to the timeline are planned

SOUND ELEMENTS : A sound element to the timeline is planned for 2015, with the opportunity for people to hear accounts and view transcriptions of the memories of people living in Pevensey and the Bay.

TWO PEOPLE A MONTH : Roughly two people a month are making an enquiry about becoming involved in the Pevensey Timeline in some way, or working on entries. With 11 villagers already through the course modules that teach them how to work live on the timeline, we expect to meet our target of 20 villagers taught how to research, edit and add some code, by May 2015, our target date to finish the first stage of work on the project.

32 PAGE VIEWS : We are currently averaging 32 page views a day to the platform.

24 SUBSCRIBERS : There are currently 24 subscribers to the membership email newsletter that is sent out every Monday.

59 PEOPLE AT FIRST TALK : The first’ gateway talk’ to the timeline on Wednesday 30 July, at St. Nicolas Church, Pevensey, given by Dr, Geoffrey Mead, who is leading the project, was attended by 59 people. We have now completed three talks, a total of 91 people have attended the talks.

100 PEOPLE ACTIVELY INVOLVED : By the end of the first year of operation, we may have as many as 100 people actively involved in the development of the timeline, the majority of these people (something like 80%) resident in the locality.

2,000 YEARS : Thank you to everyone who is contributing to the Timeline and the telling of the 2,000 year old story of Pevensey and its rich history.