November 2017


LATEST ON THE TIMELINE : From Bridge Farm to Westham, the untold story of Pevensey School


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am researching my family history and visited Pevensey last week. I visited the church and saw the war memorial inside which commemorates one of my cousins. While I was there I tried to find Bridge Farm where my family once lived, but I presume that the cottage is no longer there.

However, I was very interested indeed to find the Pevensey timeline website and the article “From Bridge Farm to Westham, the untold story of Pevensey School”, and to get to see a beautiful picture of the cottage.

I’m very keen to try to find out more information about my great grandmother’s cousin Jesse Banks who was sadly killed in the First World War, and his parents James and Agnes Banks. Agnes was my great great grandfather’s sister, and I believe she probably lived in Pevensey until her death in 1941 although I couldn’t find a gravestone in the churchyard.

I wonder if you might possibly be able to put me in touch with one of the contributors to the article mentioned, Eric Banks, who I believe is a distant relative. I also read an article in The Sussex Express that mentioned Jesse’s war medal was found and returned to Eric a few years ago.

I would love to find out if anyone has any information about James and Agnes, and I’m particularly keen to find out if any photographs exist of the couple and their children.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to hearing from you with any information that might be helpful in tracing my family.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Lennard

IMAGE CREDIT: Richard Lennard
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