November 2017


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Hi there

I wonder if by any chance you have any information on Pevensey Bay in the 1930s, or could you point me in the direction of someone who might have such information. Is there maybe an information centre or museum in the area?

My mother and her family had camping holidays each year in Pevensey between the years of 1932 and 1939.

I believe the holidays were organised by their church in the East End of London.

I have an album of old photos of each year of those holidays and am planing a visit, along with my cousin, in September. We thought it would be great if we could try and identify the area where they might have stayed. I know it is a long shot but found your site via an internet search and thought it was worth a try.

Kind regards, Chris Haley

EDITOR RESPONSE: Fabulous, yes we ail do everything we can to help. We have 1,000 page views to our web platform every day and we have a broadsheet newspaper called the Pevensey Bay Journal which is published monthly.

The first thing we ail do is to publish your message on both the web platform and in the newspaper. This will be a very interesting search on behalf of you and your family, and people here love their local history, so I am sure that will be of value to get you some answers. Maybe send us a few of the photos to get the searches started? We could then get people thinking and searching if that is what you would like to do.

The other thing to do as a suggestion is to send an email to info@pevenesytimeline.co.uk. (have a look at the web platform www.pevenseytimeline.co.uk)this is group of researchers studying the 2,000 year history of Pevensey.If anyone wants to make coment or conatct, they can email us at info@peveneybaylife.co.uk

Hopefully, our search will be of value to you and your family. When you visit in September, we may be able to find someone to show you round some of these places if they are in the Pevensey or Pevensey Bay locality.

You are very welcome.

RESPONSE TO EDITOR: Re: Camping in Pevensey Bay 1930s

As you suggested, here is a selection of photos from the album I told you about. Please pass them on to anyone you think might be interested. If we can come up with any information regarding the whereabout of the campsite that will be a bonus. Look forward to continuing the correspondence.

Kind regards, Chris Haley

VIEW ALBUM HERE: Chris Haley, 1932