November 2017


LATEST ON THE TIMELINE : From Bridge Farm to Westham, the untold story of Pevensey School

Kingdom of Sussex Lost!! King Aelfwald Hands the Crown to King Ecgberht and Wessex

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FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT : in a series of stories on the timeline, composed by villagers, we present various eye-witness style accounts of aspects of the history of Pevensey written from a contemporaneous point of view. Here, timeline graduate, Peter Roper, headlines the story of King Aelfwald

Our just and rightful king has this day saved us, his loyal servants, the good people of the fair kingdom of Sussex, from war and great slaughter at the hands of mighty Wessex, by submitting to the king of that nation King Ecgberht.

Our status as an independent nation has now ended after more than two-hundred glorious years and along with our neighbours in Kent, we are now merely regions within the Kingdom of Wessex ruled from that great seat of power; Winchester.

None of us can possibly know when the expansionist policies of Wessex will come to an end, or whether we will ever again regain our freedom and bend the knee to a king of our own making, but what is known, is that Wessex now encompasses all of Britain south of Mercia and poor King Aelfwald sits this night a broken man, stripped of his kingdom and of his crown.

Pete Roper
Sources : The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles
Bede: Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum
IMAGE CREDIT : A silver penny of Ecgberht King of Wessex (AD 802-839) dating to the period AD 828-839.