November 2017


LATEST ON THE TIMELINE : From Bridge Farm to Westham, the untold story of Pevensey School


Long term resident Christine Maderson, talks to us about some precious moments from life gone by in the locality.

Can you tell us something about these images?
I found these with some old photos; postcards of Pevensey Bay. I thought you may like to put them on one of the galleries on the website. Interesting to see how things have changed.

Talk us through some of what we are seeing
The little church is long gone, it was derelict for many years and my dads friend knocked it down and built houses on the site.

Who are the people in the images?
The lady sitting on the beach fishing in the pink coloured shirt is my mum, now 75 years of age. And the man standing in the distance in the same photo is my dad, he died in 2008 at 81 years old.

Can you say something about the little shop in one of the pictures?
We used to get our supplies in Alices Little shop, and I was allowed to walk there on my own to buy sweets. It looks small but it was very long and thin!!!!!! I remember Alice , she was the loveliest kindest lady, I loved going shopping on my own to her shop and felt so grown up and important, running up the shingle road, with my money in my hand

And the picture of the baby?
Mum says the baby pic is of me, with a bar of Cadburys chocolate, in Alice’s Caravan and the scarf is to stop that east wind giving me earache. We all used to wear them, like the Queen!!! Happy Days.

With thanks to Christine Maderson for some special memories. If the images have triggered some stories from the past in the locality, do contact us, as we would love to tell your story and share some of your special images with browsers to the Pevensey Timeline. You can contact us here.

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