November 2017


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From Cattle to Cars— A short history of Pevensey Cattle Market

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Up until 1848 there was still an annual livestock fair held in Pevensey on the 5th July….

After that date a cattle market was established in the 19th century on the site which is now known as the cattle market car park, and until circa 1850 the site of the Manor House.

For many years the cattle would be brought by train from Westham, and then be driven to the market around the castle. Sheep were also driven across the square to be sold at market. Until 1390 when Pevensey Bridge was built the only way across was by ferry.

Sheep would come from the marshes for annual dipping ; Now in 2014 the Cattle Market Car Park has just installed bollards, during which time it was a necessary requirement to carry out an excavation as this was a historic site.

Not surprisingly the bones of many animals were found but also a corner stone from the Roman Fort. So who knows what else may lie beneath the Cattle Market Car Park where once the local inhabitants came to trade their livestock.

Something to ponder when next parking your car there!!!

RESEARCH & EDIT : Val Coppard

Pevensey and Westham: A Century of Change, 1900-2000, David Brook
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