November 2017


LATEST ON THE TIMELINE : From Bridge Farm to Westham, the untold story of Pevensey School

Constitution—Pevensey Timeline Project

Constitution—Pevensey Timeline Project

name of the organisation
The name of the association shall be the ’The Pevensey Timeline Project’.

aims and objectives of the organisation
The aim of the association is ‘to support the web based timeline that has been founded to tell the story of Pevensey and its rich history over the last two thousand year’.

With this aim in mind, the organisation has three key objectives in the implementation, maintenance and development of the project.

i) To support the technical and presentational aspects of the web and print parts of the project

ii) To support the role of editors and contributors to the project in the research, dissemination and curation of materials that will populate the timeline.

iii) To support the development of a local teaching programme to accompany the project

All three objectives are to be considered as being part of the following principle statement;

The goal of the organisation is to raise the profile of the area to see that its rich history over the last 2,000 years is given the attention that it warrants and in that process to engage the local community with activities and learning opportunities that will engender demonstrable and sustainable positive outcomes for both residents and visitors.

i) Monies: The organisation will be constituted to enable it to raise monies related to the furtherance of the aims and objectives described. Any sums raised to aid the purchase of equipment, freelance services, use of premises, accompanying administration costs or in the conducting of research are to be utilised exclusively to benefit the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the organisation
ii) Membership: No membership fees are to be charged to any active participants to the project, with notional membership to be constituted by regular involvement in monthly open meetings.
iii) Partnership: The organisation will actively seek to work in partnership with bodies deemed useful in the furtherance of its the aims and objectives.
iv) Other functions: The organisation will be constituted to carry out other functions within the law to enable it to reach its objectives.

The organisation is to be made up of members that want to work with the association in the furtherance of its aims and objectives.

It is to be open to individuals on the basis already described (see powers ii)

management committee
A management committee is to be formed comprised of a chair, secretary and treasurer, with an election of said roles to take place at a monthly open meeting.

The management committee is to be nominated by and from the membership of the organisation. In addition, it is to face re-election on a yearly basis.

A procedure to fill any vacant position during the tenure of any post will involve discussion and elective nomination through the offices of the open monthly meetings.

A member of the management committee deemed to be acting against the interests of the aims and objectives of the organisation can be summarily removed by a simple majority voting procedure through the offices of an open meeting.

The committee is to be formed of ‘officers’ on the basis of the constituted elements described.

Meetings to support the aims and objectives of the organisation are to be held monthly, within the locality of Pevensey and Pevensey Bay.

Meetings are to be open to all members (see powers ii)

Any major changes to the constitution will be through the holding of a special meeting, information about which will be provided to each of the members with a minimum 28 days notice.

A bank account will be opened in the name of the organisation.

A record of all income and expenditure is to be kept. Such records will be open to examination on a monthly basis at membership meetings.

In addition, a record of the financial arrangements of the organisation will be independently audited on a yearly basis.

Reasonable expenses (see powers i) will be offered to any member whose activities are deemed to be in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the organisation. Such proposed activity is to be explained in full, agreed and audited through the offices of the committee of the organisation.

If through lack of support a decision is made to dissolve the constituted body, such a decision will be made by the committee of the organisation through the calling of a special meeting to discuss the matter.

At such a time any remaining assets or debts will be discussed with a view to resolving matters with guidance taken from the principle statement that forms the foundation of the organisation and its aims and objectives.

Pevensey Timeline Project
constitution February 2013