November 2017


LATEST ON THE TIMELINE : From Bridge Farm to Westham, the untold story of Pevensey School

IMAGE CREDIT: Cambridge University Museum of Zoology

The story of the Pevensey Whale, the giant finback washed up on the beach here in Pevensey Haven on 13 November 1865 is now well known here in Pevensey Bay.

The new multi-million pound architectural annexe at the Museum of Zoology in Cambridge, which now houses the skeleton of the 71 ft long whale, has breaking news tomorrow (Friday 24 November).

Bay Life understands that public access on a limited basis may be about to take place to view the skeleton, in the run up to the long awaited opening of the museum now billed for March 2018.

The skeleton is hung between two floors giving access and viewing points all around.

See Pevensey Timeline Association Chair, Dianne Dear, (who is also publisher of Bay Life) talk to Sarah Smith from BBC Soutb East about the day the whale was washed up here where the story started.

UPDATE 24 November 2017, post by Cambridge Musuem of Zoology confirms Whale Hall now open two days a week
. . .

Come and take a peek at what’s happening in our Whale Hall before the Museum reopens in March 2018. The Whale Hall, at the entrance to the Museum, is now open on Fridays and Saturdays 12 noon – 4pm each week and houses our largest specimen, the 70ft long Finback Whale. We are working as hard as we can to get the Museum open, and will be opening on 27 March 2018. Once open the Museum will have new displays, café and shop. Please bear with us during the re-development programme, it will be worth the wait!
Cambridge Museum of Zoology, 24 November 2017