November 2017


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Local resident converts home movie for the web. Documentary record of unknown family holiday in locality turned into timeless classic

This home movie has been beautifully stitched together by local resident, Paul Guest, who is based in the Bay. Talking to the local independent platform Bay Life, he explained ” I bought this film on a reel on Ebay several years ago. I then had to have it converted to DVD with the piano soundtrack added “.

The home movie works both as a documentary record of a family and as a documentary of the locality.

Many congratulations in putting the work together, to the author Paul Guest. Obviously a labour of love and clearly of unique value to the recording of the history of the Bay in the early sixties.

In January 1962 a largely unknown band called the Beatles audtioned for Decca. The Sunday Times printed the first colour supplement. Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev first danced together. Bob Dylan released his debut album, Jamaica became independent and it was the year of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The First Lady of the United States, Jacqueline Kennedy, took viewers on a tour of the White House.

In Pevensey Bay that summer, the sun shone as this unknown family processed through the Eastern Gate at Pevensey Castle and enjoyed the simple pleasures of the beach.

As a record of the life and joy of a family here, and some of their precious memories, encapsulated from a particular year in the early sixties, this home movie may be without parallel.

You can view the home movie ’1962′ here: Paul Guest video on the Pevensey Timeline Facebook page.

Thank you for your continued interest in the timeline that tells the 2,000 year story of Pevensey and its rich history.