November 2017


LATEST ON THE TIMELINE : From Bridge Farm to Westham, the untold story of Pevensey School


1541Pevensey Courthouse museum and jailBuilt in 1541, the old Pevensey Courthouse museum and jail remains as a rich slice of history. The 16th century building (Tudor beams still intact) made up of the court room, prisoner's dock, magistrates robing chamber and two prisoner’s cells below and exercise yard outside.
1586Ye Olde Mint House, PevenseyA board on the outside of this house states that it was the former residence of Andrew Borde, Court Physician to Henry VIII, and was once occupied by Edward VI. Ye Olde Mint House is a Grade II Listed building dating from the 16th Century
1596Norman's Bay—A Tale of the Whale and the RailwayNot an awful lot happened at Normans Bay but when it did it was something big. The area is named after the Norman invasion of 28th September 1066 however at this time, the whole area here would have been under water and William and his troops would have probably landed a little further to the east at Bulverhythe.
1596Star Inn, Norman's BaySmugglers have used the isolated shore here for hundreds of years to land their contraband, no doubt using the nearby Star Inn which was known to have been selling beer as early as 1596.
1703Norman's Bay—HMS Resolution dashed ashoreIn 1703 there was more excitement in Norman's Bay during the great storm of 24th November when a 70 gun third-rate ship-of-the-line HMS Resolution was dashed ashore here.
1722SmugglingSmuggling was widespread. It was not unknown for mounted dragoons to be attacked by a band of smugglers. It was not only the collecting of goods from boats, but taking bales of wool to be smuggled into France. At one time Pevensey had its own Militia (see badge at the Court House).