November 2017


LATEST ON THE TIMELINE : From Bridge Farm to Westham, the untold story of Pevensey School

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** BREAKING: Pevensey Bay to feature on BBC South East, latest update to Pevensey Whale story

IMAGE CREDIT: Cambridge University Museum of Zoology The story of the Pevensey Whale, the giant finback washed up on the beach here in Pevensey Haven on 13 November 1865 is now … [Read More...]

LETTER TO TIMELINE: Researching the Pevensey parents of Jesse Banks who was sadly killed in the First World War

Dear Sir/Madam, I am researching my family history and visited Pevensey last week. I visited the church and saw the war memorial inside which commemorates one of my cousins. … [Read More...]

LETTER TO PEVENSEY TIMELINE: Information on Pevensey Bay in the 1930s, can anyone help identify the locations?

VIEW ALBUM HERE: Chris Haley, 1932 Hi there I wonder if by any chance you have any information on Pevensey Bay in the 1930s, or could you point me in the direction of someone … [Read More...]

EXCLUSIVE: Architect father of Beachlands in Pevensey Bay revealed for the first time since 1935, the man who had the Prince of Wales calling

IMAGE CREDIT: T Cecil Howitt, Nottiingham City Council News that the writing group beginning planning a book about the Beachlands estate in Pevensey Bay has re-discovered the … [Read More...]



In Word and Deeds: Beachlands Book starts to take shape: Story of the unfinished symphony to the Sea

IMAGE CREDIT: Original publicity, Beachlands estate, Martin and Saunders builders circa 1934 In June, work begins on the book that will tell the story of the history of the … [Read More...]

National Pevensey Whale merchandise goes on sale exclusively to residents and visitors, Monday 5 June

National Pevensey Whale merchandise is to go on sale in Pevensey Bay before being made available more widely.—Bay Life, 27 May 2017 Residents in Pevensey Bay will have the … [Read More...]

Pevensey Castle in 1940, we were asked to take in some young airmen

LATEST FROM THE PEVENSEY TIMELINE: Mum wondered how many survived the War, Iris Matthews recalls her account of the young airmen who came to stay from her diary entry written in … [Read More...]

Here comes the fabulous Pevensey Whale merchandise from Caroline Hack, the inspirational mixed media artist based in Norfolk

PEVENSEY WHALE LICENSED MERCHANDISE PREVIEW AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY FROM PEVENSEY TIMELINE ASSOCIATION Here comes the fabulous Pevensey Whale merchandise ready for the re-opening … [Read More...]

Pevensey 1839: The Extraordinary story of the original agricultural self-supporting school

with very special thanks to Rosalind Hodge for this contribution to the Pevensey Timeline I will give you the background of how I discovered the schools of Mary Gilbert including … [Read More...]

Pevensey Timeline 0100AD—1054

[Read More...]

timeline in the press

Pevensey Timeline in the local press.....

Sussex Express—27/1/13—On-line tapestry to tell story of coast

Sussex Express—13/2/13—History initiative to highlight Pevensey’s past is launched

Argus Magazine—23/2/13—Modern-day Bayeux

Eastbourne Herald—5/4/14—Historic £7,000 award to group

Sussex Express—15/4/14—Web project set to create legacy in Pevensey


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